Sacramento’s Muffler Tech specializes in muffler repair and replacement for any year, make and model of car or truck.  We also offer repair and replacement for catalytic converters for any vehicle.  Muffler Tech can fix your exhaust, replace your muffler and check for exhaust leaks and replace your catalytic converter(s).

Not sure what’s wrong?  Stop by our shop at 6160 Florin Rd, in Sacramento. We’ll provide you with a range of repair or replacement options depending on the problem, and in most cases estimates and/or inspections are free.


At Muffler Tech we can take care of both OBD 1 & OBD 2 styles. We specialize in CA legal and compliant parts. Most parts are in stock which means you don’t have to wait for parts to be delivered for us to repair your vehicle. If your catalytic converter is broken, clogged, overheating or just needs to be replaced we can help. We can replace your catalytic converter for any make and model of car and install it to get you back on the road. Muffler Tech is Sacramento’s complete catalytic converter repair and replacement shop.


From Ford to Ferrari, Lexus to Lamborghini,  Muffler Tech is your complete custom exhaust system shop.  We offer every major brand for every exhaust component mufflers, tips and pipes.

Every Make & Model

  • European
  • Domestic Muscle
  • Imports
  • Luxury
  • Trucks
  • Diesel

Call us today at (916) 421-0399.  We can help you improve your performance with the perfect custom exhaust system for your car.  Do you want to improve your gas mileage, increase your horsepower or just get great sound from your exhaust?  Stop by today.


(916) 421-0399