Muffler Tech is an overall performance shop offering far more than just exhaust systems. Over the years our interest in modifying our own cars here at the shop has developed into a whole different division here. We have our “back shop” where we do suspension upgrades on select vehicles. From a basic lowering spring kit to full blown remote reservoir coil overs and everything in between, we can handle your suspension upgrade needs. We are connected with many brands to help you achieve the performance and look you’re going for, please check with us today as to what sort of packages we can do for you.


Is your suspension sagging and worn?  Do you feel every bump and get tossed around on every turn?  Or maybe your vehicle is just burning through tires way too often?  We can help.

Replacing worn suspension components can provide a huge improvement for your ride quality and the wear of your tires and related components.  These items wear with use and time and need to be replaced to ensure your vehicle is riding and handling as well as it did the day it drove off the showroom.  Let Muffler Tech help you enjoy a smooth ride by repairing worn out suspension parts.


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