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Welcome to StolenCats.com.  If you’re here you’re likely an unfortunate victim of catalytic converter theft.  A stolen catalytic converter is a problem but at Muffler Tech we have specialized in the replacement of catalytic converters for almost 30 years.  Since the cat theft epidemic started back in 2008, we have been replacing missing parts.
As the targeted vehicles have changed over the years we have been able to stay ahead of the curve because of the large customer content at our shop.  If you have had your catalytic converter stolen, we can help.  Below you’ll find some videos that will help you better understand the reason why certain vehicles are targeted.  We often add new videos on the topic on our YouTube channel; click here to visit.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a big uptick in stolen catalytic converters from a many different vehicles.   Prius was the most popular target of thieves in the past but since the pandemic many other makes and models are being sought out and have become the target of catalytic converter theft.  This video explains more detail about the rise in theft and the variety of vehicle models targeted.

Do you own a Honda?

The Honda Accord is one of the newest vehicles that the thieves have been targeting.  In the video here we’ll overview some reasons and options for replacement of your stolen catalytic converter.

The Honda Element is also a common target for catalytic converter theft.  In this video above you’ll find more information about why this is such a highly targeted vehicle and your options to get your Element back on the road.


Toyota Prius Still #1

The Toyota Prius is still the number one vehicle we see for stolen parts, especially their catalytic converter, and this video explains why they are a target, this also pertains to some of the other vehicles mentioned above. If you have a Prius please see our other page www.priuscats.com for a lot more specific information.


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